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Musician since he is 6 years old (violin, piano & drums), living in Cannes, I have discovered vinyls and turntables in my bedroom and started to play/mix while I was 10 years old.

Teenager, I've never missed an occasion to pass by the Limelight shop to be aware of last events and new sounds. I started playing in private parties for friends and relatives and was found of "Kinky" & "Limelight Parties" made by Mozart.

Then I quickly played in Cannes's night clubs like Studio Circus or Whisky a GoGo (Europe's oldest discotheque (1954-2005), where world's best DJ's played, like Carl Cox, Bruno Guez and Toni Rox, between midnight and 5am)

I left my nice town to travel around the world as DJ for the "Club Méditerranée" (ClubMed) but at that time my nickname was "DJ GG" also called "Double G".

I'm now known as a "night life person" in Brussels (Belgium) where I live and play house & lounge music.

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